Mother of 2 learns financial management skills for herself and her family with USEFS

When you’re struggling with multiple kinds of debt, where do you turn?

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs and putting obstacles in our way. This was definitely the case for Jesse. After completing her college degree, she found herself struggling under the weight of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. To add to the stress, she was also raising two young boys, and the expenses were just adding up.

Having to support herself through college, Jesse was never able to learn proper financial management habits. When she finished her degree, she found herself unable to cope with the monthly student loan payments. On top of that, the expenses of daily life were off-setting her payment progress, keeping her debt steadily growing.

Luckily, Jesse found U.S. Educational Financial Solutions. As she says in her review, “Debt solutions aren’t a one-time fix; they’re a lifetime change.” With the help of USEFS, she was able to actually learn new techniques and strategies for managing her finances in order to avoid slipping further and further into debt, while getting instruction on how to pay off her existing debt.

Financial needs change frequently, and are different for everyone. What works for one family may not work for another. That’s what the one-on-one training provided by USEFS is crucial to a successful and personalized financial management strategy.

In many ways, Jesse is just like any other American woman in her twenties, but that doesn’t make her any less remarkable; with two young children, she’s managed to put herself through college while doing her best to support her little family. Now, with the help of USEFS, she’ll be able to guide her boys through life with the best financial training she can offer.